Photography Woes

My morning routine usually involves me checking my RSS reader NewsBlur.  One of the many, many sites I follow is the Greene County Daily World, my “local” newspaper.

I was surprised when I saw an article titled “Old Clifty Church in need of repair” that had an eerily familiar image.

Because it was mine.


I took this photo, or rather 17 photos I composted into this one back in 2010 when I was learning about digital photography and HDR.


I don’t have the RAW files anymore, but I do still have the raw tonemapped TIF file.

Now, I believe that information wants to be free, and normally put all of my images in a Creative Commons, Attribution Non-Commercial license.  I have even given permission for this image to be used before on the Greene County tourism website.fb-photo

This photo is also available in my Facebook photos that I share with my friends.

I was neither asked nor notified by the Greene County Daily World about the use of this image.

At the time of writing this, I have sent an email to their “copyright infringement” address, so I hope this will be taken care of soon.

If you’d like a large view of the image, here it is:


Also, feel free to use this image in any way you’d like permitted by the above Creative Commons license as long as attribution is given and it’s not for profit.

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