iPhone – Dawn of The First Day

The first thing that I’ve learned during my transition to iOS is that the mobile keyboard experience is very subpar compared to Android. The stock iOS keyboard is bad, but even using a third party keyboard like Gboard doesn’t even come close to the experience on Android. The layout requires so many more taps to do simple things like numbers and punctuation.

Secondly, the down firing speakers of the iPhone 6s+ are absolutely terrible for consuming media–at least compared to the Nexus 6 and it’s stereo front firing speakers. Trying to watch a video on YouTube, I found myself having to hold the iPhone in an uncomfortable position to get even mediocre sound.

Now, that’s not to say that it’s all bad. The speed of this old iPhone, compared to my Nexus 6 is blazingly fast. All of the OS transitions are buttery smooth, there is absolutely no lag to be seen, and the camera can take pictures faster than I can tap!

The iOS experience doesn’t seem to be created for one-handed use, since I constantly have to stretch far to the top of the screen or exit lazy mode and get my second hand out to tap something at the top. Android’s bottom navigation bar is definitely a better user experience.

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