iPhone – Day 4

The big issue I’m having with iOS right now is the notification system.  I feel like I’ve stepped back in time years.  For a while now Android has had the ability to group similar notifications for an app.  This makes organizing and clearing notifications very easy.

android grouped notifications.jpg
via Lifehacker

Compare this to iOS where the notifications are all separate:


Along with this difference, clearing notifications takes more interactions.  You either have to swipe left and tap, or swipe left twice.  With Android, it’s one simple swipe and all of those unwanted notifications for a single app are gone.

via developer.android.com

I know this sounds like a silly detail to complain about, but there’s just so much more about the Android notification experience.  Many of the notifications are “rich” and provide more details when swiped down, such as image previews, more details, or the ability to reply to messages inline without opening an app.

It may be that iOS has these features as well, and I just don’t know how to use them since these features came to me organically on Android as they were added over the years.  Because of that, I won’t hold it against iOS too much, but it’s still points taken away.

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