Gutenberg and Markdown


Jetpack now has its own built-in Markdown block:


I’d highly recommend using it instead :)

Original post below:

I’ve been playing around with Gutenberg a tiny bit recently and have realized that, at least in my case, it kind of eats the Jetpack Markdown module and doesn’t offer full markdown support.


I honestly know nothing about writing blocks for Gutenberg, but luckily GitHub user nuzzio does :)

This recent, but now closed PR to Jetpack was pretty much everything necessary to build a working block.

I’ve put my code up on GitHub as a WordPress plugin:



Like I said, I don’t know what I’m doing–so consider this plugin super beta.

3 thoughts on “Gutenberg and Markdown

  1. I begin to hate Gutenberg. I use JP Markdown so I don’t need Jetpack and it won’t work in blocks. So I’m very happy to find your solution. I will try it – but still need Jetpack, how boring.
    Thanks a lot for your sharing.


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