Dynamic Tea House

Not too long ago, a coworker shared that they had created a WordPress Dynamic Wallpaper for macOS. I thought this was just cool, so I eventually made one of my own with my favorite dynamic set of images: the Tea House theme from Gmail.

Now, these classic Gmail themes are all but lost to history, and that’s a huge shame.

With the help of some code I found on GitHub, I was able to download and reconstruct the theme as a desktop background. Unfortunately, the image sizes are rather small for modern desktops, so I also used bigjpg.com and the waifu2x image scaling algorithm to upcale these to over 5K in size:

Look how dynamic!

You can download these at Dynamic Wallpaper Club, or from the links below:



I’ve got to thank the amazing folks at Meomi for their artwork I’ve stolen without asking. I hope they can forgive me!

2 thoughts on “Dynamic Tea House

  1. Holly

    Thank you for making this! Back when this theme first came out for gmail, I had a slow and sometimes very boring job. I know it sounds stupid, but this theme brought a little brightness to my days. It’s so comforting to have it as my desktop.

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