Pleasant Grove Christmas Light Show

Every year a local farm/inn/neighborhood/something sets up a grand (for the area) light show with matching music. The choreography between the lights and music are sometimes kinda iffy, but it's still very cool and one of our favorite things to do in December.

While driving today I noticed some really strong sun dogs and I just had to take a picture :) It's edited a little bit to help make it clearer through my car window, but it was still awesome!

More Fake Flash Fun

Like last time, I've come into ownership of a suspicious flash drive that holds a secret: It's actually a micro SD card and reader... and completely broken :) Warning: Only 120992 of 120993 MByte tested. The media is likely to be defective. 33.1 GByte OK (69490999 sectors) 85.0 GByte DATA LOST (178300617 sectors) Details:371.5 KByte... Continue Reading →

Fake Flash Adventures

I recently purchased a "256 GB" flash drive for $3.  I knew this had to be fake, but I was also curious about how it worked.  It turns out that there was a "256 GB" micro SD card inside of it and I'm pretty sure that's fake. I didn't get this on Amazon, but here's... Continue Reading →

Gutenberg and Markdown

I've been playing around with Gutenberg a tiny bit recently and have realized that, at least in my case, it kind of eats the Jetpack Markdown module and doesn't offer full markdown support. I honestly know nothing about writing blocks for Gutenberg, but luckily GitHub user nuzzio does :) This recent, but now closed PR to... Continue Reading →

Still trying to figure out this iPhone camera. Bonus: Covered bridge and a trash can:

"Oh, so magical" I may be overestimating the "HDR" and camera on the iPhone.  I wonder if it can do RAW.

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