More Fake Flash Fun

Like last time, I've come into ownership of a suspicious flash drive that holds a secret: It's actually a micro SD card and reader... and completely broken :) Warning: Only 120992 of 120993 MByte tested. The media is likely to be defective. 33.1 GByte OK (69490999 sectors) 85.0 GByte DATA LOST (178300617 sectors) Details:371.5 KByte... Continue Reading →

Fake Flash Adventures

I recently purchased a "256 GB" flash drive for $3.  I knew this had to be fake, but I was also curious about how it worked.  It turns out that there was a "256 GB" micro SD card inside of it and I'm pretty sure that's fake. I didn't get this on Amazon, but here's... Continue Reading →

SUSINO Travel Bag

On March 25th I ordered a "Free Shipping SUSINO New Men's Travel Bag For Storaging Electronic Parts Cosmetic Bag Casual Outdoor Storage Bag" from AliExpress.  It was on sale for $6.75, normally $18.24. To be honest, I wasn't getting my hopes up about quality.  Luckily, I was wrong.  Already, I'm enjoying this bag.  It's taken... Continue Reading →

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