An article served an ad that hijacked my browser and would not let me go back.  I had to kill the Chrome App and started fresh.

Photography Woes

My morning routine usually involves me checking my RSS reader NewsBlur.  One of the many, many sites I follow is the Greene County Daily World, my "local" newspaper. I was surprised when I saw an article titled "Old Clifty Church in need of repair" that had an eerily familiar image. Because it was mine. I... Continue Reading →

SUSINO Travel Bag

On March 25th I ordered a "Free Shipping SUSINO New Men's Travel Bag For Storaging Electronic Parts Cosmetic Bag Casual Outdoor Storage Bag" from AliExpress.  It was on sale for $6.75, normally $18.24. To be honest, I wasn't getting my hopes up about quality.  Luckily, I was wrong.  Already, I'm enjoying this bag.  It's taken... Continue Reading →

Renewing Let’s Encrypt SSL on SABnzbd+

Having a secure way to manage your usenet downloads of the hit movie Big Buck Bunny with SABnzbd+ is great, but one problem/feature of Let's Encrypt is that the SSL certificates expire only after three months, requiring plenty of renewals.  Luckily this can be easily scripted and forgotten. The primary part of renewing the SSL... Continue Reading →

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